The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy seeks to promote Leonardo Polo's works and thought in English speaking areas around the world.

Polo’s philosophical methodology, which he calls the "abandonment of the mental limit" (a methodology that seeks to detect the limits of human thought in such a way that it becomes possible to leave behind these limits in a controlled manner), opens fresh philosophical and theological approaches to the big questions that involve the transcendental aspects of the human person. By doing so, Polo addresses the greatest movements in the history of philosophy, while offering a radically new epistemological framework that enriches current paradigms in fields such as physics, biology, sociology, political-economic theory, and business ethics.

Until now, Polo’s works have spread in Spanish-speaking parts of the world but remain largely unknown in the English-speaking world. The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy seeks to unlock the potential of Polo’s scholarship in philosophy and in a wide variety of scientific and cultural fields and bring this to the English-speaking academic and cultural world. 

The Institute focuses on a number of goals including,
- translation of Leonardo Polo's works into English
- publication of introductory works and other studies on Polo in English
- organization of study days, symposia, and conferences on topics related to Leonardo Polo's philosophy
- serve as a forum for English speaking Leonardo Polo scholars throughout the world
- assistance for visiting scholars
- collaboration with other academic institutions

The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Leonardo Polo Institute of Philosophy
1121 North Notre Dame Ave.
South Bend IN 46617

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