Journal of Polian Studies, No. 4 (2017)

The 2017 issue of the Journal of Polian Studies is now available for purchase here.
This issue contains a translation of a brief work by Polo (Being and Communication) and the follow articles, conferences and notes.
J. F. Sellés & C. Iffland (University of Notre Dame, USA)
Who Is Man? Polo and Personhood
Daniel Castañeda (Panamerican University, Mexico)
Leonardo Polo's Rectification of the Foundations of Legal Modernity. The Theology of Dominion of Francisco de Vitoria
Blanca Castilla (Royal Academy of Doctors, Spain)
The Notion of Person and a Transcendental Anthropology,
from Boethius to Polo
Aliza Racelis (University of the Philippines)
Trinitarian References in Leonardo Polo's "Sobre la existencia cristiana"
Luz González Umeres (University of Piura, Peru)
Leonardo Polo and the Beauty Personal Transcendental
Graciela Soriano (Austral University, Argentina)
Commitment. The Native Linking of Human Person to Transcendence

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