Publication of Translation of "Rich and Poor: Equality and Inequality"

An English translation of "Ricos y pobres" (a chapter from Polo's Filosofía y economía) has just been published and is available for purchase on and

In "Rich and Poor: Equality and Inequality", Leonardo Polo examines the widespread belief that the solution to the problems that arise from poverty and wealth are best solved by equality. In this type of solution, equality is often linked with justice insofar as it is generally assumed that a situation in which some are rich and others are poor is an unjust situation. In contrast to this, Polo uses the word "inequality" not so much in the sense that some people have more wealth than others, but rather as "the division of labor or functions that is justified by their complementarity." These functional inequalities are not necessarily unjust; rather, they form the basis of the family, civil society, and economic systems. Justice thus consists not so much in equality, but rather in a situation in which the dynamic functional inequalities within society are to the advantage of all.

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